Data Security at Prepaid2Cash

Image of security lock and computer

Prepaid cards and gift cards make for excellent gifts, prizes, awards, and thank yous for a job well done. However, most recipients do not use the entire balance and the cards get lost in the shuffle. With enough of these gift cards containing unused balances, a lot of money can be left on the table. There is a solution, though! Prepaid2Cash is a fast and simple option for turning your prepaid cards and gift cards into cash, whether the cards have a full or partial balance. However, you may be wondering if Prepaid2Cash is safe to use and if your data is secure.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry has developed a set of data security standards (PCI DSS) for merchants that accept payment cards. The PCI DSS standards provide a framework for evaluating the security of the systems and technologies that are used to process your card transactions, and to help ensure that your data is protected from exposure or fraudulent use.

Prepaid2Cash and PCI DSS

We take data security very seriously at Prepaid2Cash. To protect our customers, we have elected to certify at the highest level of PCI compliance for our size and industry. This extensive set of over 200 requirements regulates every aspect of how we transmit, process, and store your data. These requirements are designed to make sure that industry best practices are carefully followed at every step.

Most importantly, your data is safe with Prepaid2Cash. We’ve built our site and mobile applications to meet or exceed all of the stringent requirements of PCI DSS. Our PCI compliance is certified and regularly reviewed by several outside organizations, including our banking and processing partners, and independent security auditors.

Secure Transactions

In short, Prepaid2Cash follows the stringent PCI compliance policies. Our bank tracks and confirms all transactions made through Prepaid2Cash. This ensures that we are a safe and excellent alternative to wasting unpaid balances or making unnecessary purchases with a gift card you didn’t want. Visit our website and download the Prepaid2Cash app today!