Guide to Prepaid Gift Cards

If you’re wondering what to do with all of those prepaid gift cards you’ve received over the years, then Prepaid2Cash is here to help. While those folks who gave you those gift cards had the best of intentions, they may not have been aware of all the hidden fees and restrictions that they come with.

Most consumers these days haven’t been made aware of the many hidden fees that are associated with this popular gift item. In addition, these programs have many restrictions that limit the ways in which your gift cards can be used. Plus, your new gift card is not linked to you in any way so it is not protected from theft or loss.

All these reasons lead to the sad fact that many receivers of gift cards never actually use their card. In fact, of the roughly $300 Billion (yes, with a B.) of gift cards sold each year billions of dollars worth of those prepaid cards never get used. That is just a waste of hard earned money.

Prepaid2Cash Gets You Cash Fast

That’s why we’ve created Prepaid2Cash. We can get you the maximum cash value possible by converting your prepaid gift cards to cold hard cash. And you don’t have to wait till next Christmas to get it. With the easy Prepaid2Cash process, you can receive a direct deposit into your bank account in as little as soon as the next business day. And all you have to do is simply visit and download the mobile app to get started.

It’s a Safe and Secure Process

Prepaid2Cash has an easy to follow online process that is safe and secure. They meet all the rigorous requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS). Plus, they partner with some of the most trusted names in the banking & payments industry to ensure all transactions are delivered to their customers in a safe and secure way.

Your privacy is also very important to Prepaid2Cash. They do not share your information with any third parties or advertisers. Not only will you be getting your cash quickly, but you can relax knowing that the transaction will be safe, secure and private.

All This and a Low Cost Too

The best part of all is that Prepaid2Cash does all this for just a nominal fee. With just a flat 5.0% transaction fee plus the cost of delivery, you will be receiving the most cash value for your prepaid gift cards.

Make the most of the prepaid gift cards you’ve been given by visiting Prepaid2Cash to get the maximum cash value from your prepaid gift cards.