5 Office Gifts You’re Sure to See in 2019!

Now that the annual turkey feast is behind us, we’re looking at you, holiday office party. In the coming weeks, we’ll all be Secret and Dirty Santa shopping for inexpensive, gender neutral, office gifts that can be purchased with as little fuss as possible. Frankly, we’d be shocked if the following don’t show up at your office party in one form or another. 

Even the “bro-iest” of coworkers will enjoy earthy scents like Campfire and Tobacco.

1. Gift Cards

No office gift is purchased more often during the holidays than the gift card. Because of its versatility, it’s a favorite among employers, and certain to show up at a holiday party. A Visa or Amex prepaid gift card is a no-brainer for the buyer. But if you’re the recipient, watch out for hidden fees, expiration dates, and accessibility issues. Or, visit Prepaid2Cash! For a small service charge, any prepaid gift card can be converted to cash in as little 24 hours!

2. Wine

First of all, who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? In our experience, reds appear more frequently than whites, and the quality is usually a little suspect. However, for the last minute buyer, there are no office gifts with wider availability. For the recipient, just break out that bottle at a party after everyone’s already had a couple rounds.

3. Candles

It seems everyone has a favorite local candle shop, and a favorite scent to go along with it. Even the “bro-iest” of coworkers will enjoy earthy scents like Campfire and Tobacco. Buyers, up your office gift game by making sure to support local shops like Great Bear Wax Company in Birmingham, Alabama. And recipients, wherever you are, bro or no, burn proud!

4. Card Games

Since the advent of Cards Against Humanity, variations of the hilariously, risqué card set have been popping up as office gifts all over the country. As a result, buyers will need to order online early. Local shops will likely not carry the newest or funniest versions. For the recipient, with a few drinks and 6 or more people at the table, you’ll be laughing out tears in no time.

5. Coffee Tumblers

You can never have enough of these, especially the good ones! Accordingly, these practical companions of the commute are the gold standard of office gifts. Buyers should opt for a recognizable brand like Yeti or Orca, and make sure that it will fit in a cup holder! Recipients, make room in the cabinets by tossing lesser quality mugs, and enjoy your extra hot coffee hours into the work day!