Thankful in 2019

2019 has flown by and the gifting season is upon us. In the coming weeks, more gift cards will be sold than at any other time of the year. Gift cards are now the most popular gift choice among consumers, but they are rarely the best gift for the recipient. With more than a billion dollars in gift cards being unused each year, P2C’s simple solution for converting cards to cash is more popular than ever. For all these reasons, 2020 should be our biggest year yet! But before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to recount 4 events that have made us thankful in 2019.

Thankful for Alabama Futures Fund

AFF is a venture capital fund focused on economic development in Alabama — and we knew absolutely nothing about it. One timely introduction later, we were relocating our headquarters from San Francisco to Birmingham. It was clear that both AFF and Birmingham were a great fit for our company, and we can’t overstate what a pleasure it’s been working with AFF. Thank you for your support and confidence!

Thankful for Birmingham

Birmingham’s Railroad Park at sunset.

We really didn’t know what to expect from Birmingham. To be honest, the whole Birmingham relocation piece was a little bit of a mystery to us when we first started talking to AFF and realized this was getting serious. Nobody on our team had spent much time in the South, or even been to Alabama. Pretty much all we knew about Alabama was the love for football that we saw on TV. 

Pretty much all we knew about Alabama was the love for football…

CEO, Peter Vogt

We came down for a “Birmingham Bound” trip as we progressed in the process with AFF, and were honestly blown away with what we found. Cost was one piece of the equation, but really it was about the community and resources available. Everyone we met welcomed us with open arms and resources. You can read more about our Birmingham experience at BhamNow. Big thanks to Birmingham for making a West Coast business feel right at home in the South!

Thankful for Family Milestones

Prepaid2Cash was not the only thing growing in 2019. Co-founder, John Gushman, and his wife welcomed their very first child into the world! He came a little early, and there were more than a few nights in the hospital, but we are thankful to say that both mother and baby boy are at home and doing exceptionally well. Although John’s getting less sleep than ever, we couldn’t be more thankful for the newest addition to their family!

Thankful for a Growing Team

Ellen Sandel outside the new office at Innovation Depot.

Once we decided to move, we knew we needed to start building our Birmingham team. Working at a start-up has a lot of unique challenges. Long hours, multiple responsibilities, and limited resources are just a few of the common hurdles. Finding the right person can be difficult. However, after we met Ellen Sandel, we knew we had found someone who could handle whatever the company threw at her. She has set a high bar for those who will follow, and we’re thrilled that she chose to join the team. Thanks, Ellen!

Hopefully, 2019 has brought similar moments of gratitude to all those reading this. If not, may 2020 be your year. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our journey. Happy Thanksgiving!