Prepaid Gift Cards Boom In Popularity

Gift card with an arrow extending up and to the right.

Data indicates that the popularity of prepaid gift cards is continuing to steadily increase. In fact, according to this article, the growth in sales of prepaid cards increased from .5% in 2016 to 10% just 1 year later. Prepaid gift cards continue to be a popular option for gifts and financial incentives; this includes both prepaid cards for specific companies and general-purpose prepaid cards (those affiliated with Visa, Mastercard, or one of the other common payment processing companies). 

Why The Popularity?

For the gift giver, a prepaid card feels more personal than simply gifting cash. It’s also a convenient gift option that they can purchase and send within minutes. 

However, for the receiver of the prepaid gift card, the card usually isn’t as easy to use as cash. The recipient may not shop at or frequently visit the store or restaurant that a company-branded gift card is good for. Or, with a general-purpose gift card, they may forget about the card and automatically reach for their credit or debit card. Once the balance of a gift card is low, it’s often cumbersome to use the card’s last few dollars.

Estimates state that an astounding 20 percent of prepaid gift cards are unused a year after purchase. Some gift card issuers start to charge monthly inactivity fees a year after the card’s issue date. Over time, this can whittle away or even eliminate the money on the gift card. 

How Prepaid2Cash Can Help

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