The Pains of Gift Cards

Person handing another person a gift card

How To Cash in Unused Gift Cards

Life is full of memorable moments that you’d wish to hold dear and always remember. Events from birth, graduation, promotion, work parties, marriage, and so on are times where you can come together with friends and loved ones to celebrate. During these events, gift cards are amongst the most gifted items. Over the last few decades, gift cards have become a staple of celebrations.

But, can you remember what you did with the last gift card you received? More often than not, you likely stashed it in a drawer and quickly forgot about it.

While gift cards are standard in almost any gathering today, many people prefer any gift compared to gift cards.

Are gift cards the worst present?

As a gift-giver, gift cards are an ideal gifting solution. You don’t have to put too much thought into it, they’re easily sourced, and you can get different brands and products. However, from the view of the recipient, gift cards may not be an ideal present. Here are a few reasons people don’t really like gift cards as presents:

1. They feel impersonal

Since they are easy to get and can be bought from various sources, the recipient may feel like you didn’t put in any effort. Ideally, the perfect gift should have a personal relation with the person being gifted. If you show up to a graduation or Christmas party with a coffee gift card, the person receiving it will know you put little-to-no effort into the gift.

2. They’re not always redeemable

Giving someone a gift card is like giving them very limited options on one specific subject. For instance, a coffee gift card means you can only redeem the gift in a specific coffee chain. On the other hand, if you get a particular gift, like a sweater, the gifted can wear it as desired.

3. Gift cards are easily lost or forgotten

The sheer number of gift cards you receive can make it impossible to keep track of. Since gift carding is pretty common, most people end up putting them in the wallet or bag and never check again. Worse yet, you could put the gift card in a drawer and forget about it.

4. You can’t return gift cards to the store 

Even if you have a thousand gift cards, returning them to the original store for cash is next to impossible. In most cases, you have to settle for spending the card in the store it’s registered to, even when you don’t want to.

Can you liquidate gift cards?

In most cases, gift cards end up lost and forgotten. Either that or you have to settle for a less-than-ideal gift. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past! With Prepaid2Cash, you can now turn generic gift cards into actual money. In a few easy steps, and within minutes, you can now redeem many gift cards into solid cash.

In a realistic world, gift cards are a common gifting item. While this will likely not change for the foreseeable future, you no longer have to dread receiving gift cards. You can turn your unwanted gift cards into cash with the Prepaid2Cash app! Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the Prepaid2Cash app today.