Top 3 Gift Cards For The Holiday Season

Picture of wrapped presents

If there’s one thing that excites people about the holiday season, it’s got to be shopping for gifts and gift cards for the holiday season. To make the most out of the available money, shoppers wait for sales and promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Gift cards have also become a popular option during the festive shopping season. This is why the gift card industry is forecast to be worth $ 510 billion by 2025, up from $320 billion in 2017. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of gift cards go unredeemed. This, however, does not mean you cannot enjoy the full value of all your gift cards.

Read on to find out the top 3 gift cards for the holiday season and how Prepaid2Cash can help you convert unused gift cards to cash.

American Express

One of the best ways to reward employees or show loved ones how much you care is by gifting them with American Express gift cards. They come in over 20 design options and can be used anywhere American Express is accepted in the US.

Regardless of the occasion, American Express gift cards are ideal as they may be worth between $25 and $3,000. With no expiry date, there’s no pressure for using them, and they can be replaced if the card is misplaced.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are gaining popularity just as fast as the company is growing and with good reason. First, there’s a 5% back for Amazon Prime members and 3% for non-prime members when they shop on Amazon and Wholefoods market. At gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores, cardholders receive 2% back and 1% for all other purchases.  Undoubtedly, Amazon gift cards allow you to capitalize on each dollar you spend. 


For those who are passionate about coffee, there’s no better reward than a Starbucks gift card. As a Starbucks reward member, you will earn free drinks and food, whether you pay using a gift card, cash, or credit card. With each dollar spent, you will earn two stars. You only need to accumulate 25 stars to begin redeeming them for drinks and food.

How Can Prepaid2Cash Help?

Along with the benefits of gift cards and prepaid cards also comes some risks. You can incur hidden fees with some gift cards and lose your balance if you let the card expire.  Also you may not like the specific vendor the gift card is for.   This is where Prepaid2Cash comes in.

Through our partnerships with leading payments and banking institutions, we offer consumers the option of redeeming their prepaid or gift card values in cash. Download the Prepaid2Cash app from the App Store or Google Play to convert your prepaid cards and gift cards into cash.